So again some time has passed, and after presenting each and everyone of us, it seems time to start talking a little bit tech and news, as we met up last week.

So what do we plan to do in the weeks and months to come? First of all we are starting by implementing our own tools and engine. We hope that this step will give our vast and massive Art-Department aka Jan, some time to prepare some first material but most of all more control over our project. (And of course if ever there should be a follow up, this will safe an impressive amount of time)

So we are currently planning on tools we need, art we want drawn, sounds that would be loveable to burst out of speakers… or putting things in a nutshell awesome stuff.
So now, dearest GFOAT (greatest fan of all times) you will most likely have asked yourself the question, that’s all very nice to hear, but actually what kind of game will you guys be making? This makes me face a tough decision, I could now either go all River Song on you, say some mystical stuff about “Spoilers” or I blabber out all the details and ruin all the fun in guessing and anticipating.

So what should one do? I guess the only good answer is to compromise. So here comes the first nice information: It will be a mostly narrative game.

Ha! Surprise! But why is that? Well seeing that most of us are GMs and have some experience in storytelling Michael and I did some brainstorming beforehand and rigged together what we think should be an interesting story-backbone, which we are currently using to come up with some interesting concepts and, to use one of my most favourite terms, “narrative”. But more on that in a later post….

But as I don’t want to leave you with such a small amount of fun information, there is one last thing to tell and that thing is the name of the game (rhyme was unintended but very much appreciated), that that will make all of us proud (and not to mention potentially filthy rich, or at least out of the streets 😀 )
“The Chronicles of Wylar’s Watch”

So on that bombshell it’s time to end! Good Night! (btw the new season of Top Gear is awesome)

A fine small update and some news