as promised this week it is my turn in introductions. As a few might have guessed per the announcement my name is Immo, which is, to point that out, not a nickname or an alias but my actual name.
So a few things about myself:
At the point of me writing this blog entry I’m 26 and as the previous two introductees I likewise hail from Germany. I’m still studying History and Information processing – and I’m currently employed writing technical documentations etc.
Well so much for the CV-part. In my spare time I’m an avid gamer. I play mostly Action/RPG/Strategy but also basically anything that catches my fancy, nothing from the racing or sports genre though.

I also play Pen&Paper games and enjoy reading a lot. Do I enjoy reading a lot or do I enjoy to read a lot? Well, the answer is yes.
Oh, and for those of you how want to know how I look:

IMG_20140901_154018Me. Enjoying.

Anyway – making games instead of just playing them was a plan I (and some of the others) had for quite some time – plans were made, concepts were created and ultimately discarded due to a serious case of: “If we only had someone that could visualize this.
Luckily this is now in the past and we can finally start in earnest with our little project.

Well that’s everything from me for now, but with my Sherlock Homes level capabilities of deduction and knowing the fact three people have now introduced themselves already you will most probably hear from Jan next.


I am Immo
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