So, the first week has passed and as promised here is our very first update!

As it seems customary we had our very own team meeting and discussed a lot of the basics and concepts of our game and to everybody’s major surprise we actually got some work done.

Theme and Main-Plot of our game have come to a fascinating live and debates about core-world logic somehow were resolved and now the fun starts: Setting up the infrastructure that we deemed worthy for a productive development – Redmine, SVN, VPN, Coffee machine and a clever food production chain are already in place.

So our main topic in the coming weeks, as, thanks to the almighty black god time is becoming less of an issue, will be framework and engine conception, and, hopefully, thereafter only the sky will be the limit.

As this is going to take us a couple of weeks, we are going to use the upcoming time to introduce the team, and hopefully by the end of January we actually can start talking about technical details and other fun things.

But until then, dearest of all readers and greatest future fan boy or girl, have a wonderful Christmas and may all your wishes come true.

And until next week with some information about my dear old friend and humble new colleague in one person: Michael

All the best,


Let the games begin