as you might have read last week in Peters post, today I will be the first to actually tell you a bit about who is behind Firesource Entertainment.

That would be me. Well, not just me of course, at least now. But at some point, it was just me. But more to that later.

I’m a twenty-something guy from Germany who studied computer engineering and got my degree about a year ago. For those of you, who don’t know: Computer engineering is programming your washing machine, big-ass industry machines or anything else “technical”.

However, that’s what I do for a living currently.  In my spare time, I love to deal with games. I play pen&paper roleplaying games and I game-master some (Yep. I’m that nerdy.) Of course, I also play video and computer games. And now, finally, I’m creating those as well.

Why do I say “finally”? Because the idea is not new by a long shot. I wanted to get into making games for some years now. Alas, there is one thing I was missing the whole time:

A graphics guy.

Because, I will now exclusively present to you, the whole extend of graphical design I am capable of doing.

This is what I can do graphics-wise.
This is what I can do graphics-wise.

So, while Firesource existed for quite some time in my head, only by meeting and convincing Jan, I could make it happen. And that’s what I intend to do: Make it happen for good!

Of course, there is more to it now then just Jan and me. Next week, Immo will be introducing himself.

Up until then, I can only present you with a bad selfie I just took of myself – so you have a rough idea what I look like.

Have an absolutely great Year 2015 with us!

Me, looking into the far and distant future
I am Michael