And now: Once more with feeling!

Because this will be it, the last of the introductions, as we are a group of four in total. And as the more observant of you might have gathered already, I am still missing. But who am I, you might ask?

So I am Peter. Yes, Peter (Quite awesome name you say, thank you very much)! I am going to be 27 in a couple of days, as I was born on the 28th of January 1988 (great day btw, Karl the Great died and the DFB was founded, but I digress). I spend most of my childhood in the little town of Mehrhoog, a part of an absolutely unknown area that is called the “Niederrhein”. When it was time for me to leave school and to start to do something real, I decided to go to university instead, where I met Michael in one of the more fun labs. Although now that I think of it, might have not been the lab that was fun, but working on a very cool project together, and partially this is what brings me here today. To once more make something awesome come to live [enable thunderstorm effect] and see how it wanders through the town and smashes the huts of innocent villagers … well now that’s not a perfect metaphor… hm forget that!

Ah jeah, although I studied Electrical/Computer Engineering, I somehow ended up playing with cars a lot, and that is what I currently do on the time that I do not invest into firesource-related stuff, at least for work. Or said in a more understandable way: I’m someone programming cars to do stuff on their own, which is about as much fun as it gets and for me a wish come true. But as it levels out with programming your own game I am very much looking forward to the months ahead, where another childhood dream of mine just might come true, to upload something to Steam at some point in time.

As for Hobbies I do play pen&paper roleplaying games, too, also on both sides of the table. This helps a lot when it comes to storytelling, and according to our current status of planning, this will be a great element of the game (but hush: Spoilers 😉 ). Also I like reading, listening to Music (mostly Jazz and Rock nowadays), cooking, and love playing with tech. So all in all I try to make the most out of every minute that I have on this planet.

Me and one of my Tech-Buddies

So I think the road ahead of us is a well-lit one, and as you now know the four travellers that will be walking upon it, we will use the upcoming weeks to get a little more into detail about engine- and game related stuff, or to stay in this “working” metaphor, tell you about the path ahead.

And until then all the best and Toodle Pip


And I am Peter
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