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Hello and welcome to our blog! Please enjoy your stay. If you have just stumbled onto this Blog, you might be asking yourself the important question: Who? What? Why?

Well, let’s answer these!


We are Firesource! A conglomerate of just a few friends, who formed Firesource in late 2015 (one day before christmas!) as a part time company to realize our dreams of game development. You might not have heard from us yet – at least if you haven’t played TinyGarden, a really tiny mobile game – but we strife to change that and elevate our passion of game-making to be our main occupation at some point!


Our current project is a medium sized PC game, that will come out some time in the future. And in this blog, we invite you to accompany us along the way. We will post regular dev updates as the game evolves, alongside screenshots, polls and so on.

Since that might be a bit boring for you to read in the long term, we will also tell multi-part stories set in the world we are creating, decorated with both in-game and (AI-generated) concept art.


Because it is our firm belief that games can be used to enrich the lives of the people around us.

We want to open lovingly created worlds for you that will captivate you.

Commercial success is not our first priority, instead we work with dedication, expertise and passion: our mission is to develop games that we would want to play ourselves.

So, join us on our long journey towards the release of

Bad Hand: Rise of the Discarded

AI-generated concept art




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