We are Firesource.

We create games and apps.

It is our firm belief that both games and software can be used to enrich the lives of the people around us.
Therefore, it is our aspiration to improve everyday life through practical and clever applications – and, of course, games.

We want to open lovingly created worlds for you that will captivate you. Join us from sun-drenched forests to the abysses of the human mind, from short entertainment at the bus stop to epic sagas.

Commercial success is not our first priority, instead we work with dedication, expertise and passion: our mission is to develop software and games that we would want to use ourselves.

If you have an exciting project idea that you would like us to implement, don’t hesitate to

Firesource Apps

Game Design & Development

We want to create the most enjoyable video games.
We subscribe to the vision of making quality games that we ourselves would like to play and we hope that people will have as much fun playing our games as we have making them.

In our first game, Tiny Garden, you can experience the joy of tending to a small garden on your mobile phone.

Our current main focus is a game for PC currently well in development. We will reveal more details once it comes closer to completion.

If you happen to be from the Rhein-Maas region, be sure to check out RheinMaaster, a quiz game we developed for a local museum.

Mobile Apps



App Development




Hello and welcome to our blog! Please enjoy your stay. If you have just stumbled onto this Blog, you might be asking yourself the important question: Who? What? Why? Well, let's answer these! Who? We are Firesource! A conglomerate of just a few friends, who formed...


Hello and welcome to our blog! Please enjoy your stay. If you have just stumbled onto this Blog, you might be asking yourself the important question: Who? What? Why? Well, let's answer these! Who? We are Firesource! A conglomerate of just a few friends, who formed Firesource in late 2015 (one day...

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Our Games

Our first game, Tiny Garden

Tiny Garden

Tiny Garden is an addictive gardening game that allows you to take up the role of a gardener looking after your plants. Take your five minute break everywhere relaxing while you grow vegetables, flowers and fruits. This simple farming simulator allows you to cultivate different plants, effectively turning your phone into a well-grown garden that everyone loves to see!

There are dozens of quests waiting for you to solve. Grow and sell plants to earn coins and gems. Use coins to unlock new patches, tools, plants, fertilizers, etc and gems for exciting upgrades and entire new themes. Create your tiny garden paradise to help your creativity come out. Unleash your agricultural skills to help your garden grow naturally.

A large collection of plants and tools helps to develop your farm. Plan your garden carefully because not every plant is happy everywhere. Elegant graphics and fascinating appearance help you retain energy after a hectic routine.

Your Tiny Garden will flourish throughout the seasons and different weathers and become a true garden paradise.

    500+ Downloads • 10+ Reviews

    Nunaq Errani

    The mountain hungers…

    Nunaq Errani

    Who we are

    As a bunch of friends, we formed Firesource in late 2015 as a part-time company to realize our dreams of game development. Our goal is to ultimately be able to completly focus on these dreams and elevate creating worlds to be our full-time jobs.

    Being gamers ourselves and coming from the tech industry, we have all the skills and ambitions necessary to make that a reality.

    Wir sind Firesource

    Our Apps

    SSH Remote Screen

    SSH Remote

    SSH Remote is an app that allows you to easily bind ssh commands to simple buttons. Core features include

    • Easy to set-up buttons supporting single or continuous commands or even entire scripts.
    • Multiple device profiles. Each target device has its own set of parameters.
    • Optionally, stored credentials in the form of either password or an rsa key pair. Storing the credentials is optional, for improved security you can reenter your credentials everytime you connect to a device.
    • Devices are pre-customizable and can display a custom logo. See the device file and button file customization for more information.
    • Simple permission concept: An admin mode allows modifications to devices and buttons, while the standard user can only “push the buttons”. You are able to set a separate password for both accounts!
    • A preprocessor can alter the output or help automate various tasks.

    500+ Downloads • 15+ Reviews


    Adventure Journal

    Roleplayers have character. Most often, more than one even. With this app, you can keep track of the adventures of them all!
    Be it The Dark Eye, Dungeons and Dragons or any other world with a time system – using the flexible calendar system, you can record notes, journals, inventory and currency for your different incarnations as well as keep track of life and other energies.
    Of course, all journal entries can be searched and exported.

    Some roleplaying systems are already built into the app – but it doesn’t end here. You can download a tool in order to create your own system here: AdventureJournal – SystemEditor

    Adventure Journal